About The FJ Company

Performing the art of car restoration to the highest level takes years of experience, along with unique methods. The FJ Company specializes in one of the most iconic vehicles of its era, the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40.

We restore every single car following its original designs, colors and specifications. Our goal is simple: to build amazing cars for FJ40 lovers like ourselves.

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The FJ Company Restoration Process

Our rigorous process begins with the selection of the best-kept Japanese Toyota FJ’s. Only those with little rust and integrity in the chassis qualify. Additionally, we limit our selection to FJ’s that maintain their original engines and gearboxes, guaranteeing that our Land Cruisers will be valuable and faithful restorations. Because we only sell cars restored by us, every vehicle leaves our shop in concours condition.

The FJ Company Installations
The FJ Company

The next step in our thorough FJ40 restoration process is disassembling and stripping the car to the chassis. The chassis is checked in a dedicated FJ jig. The drivetrain is overhauled and all suspension parts, ball joints and bushings are replaced with new ones. The chassis, the suspension and drivetrain are carefully painted to look like new, using original factory colors. When available, we use authentic Toyota FJ40 factory parts. And, when original parts are unavailable, we source the best quality reproduction and restored parts in the market. All steering components are overhauled as well.

Chassis before restoration
Chassis before FJ40 restoration

The body is then stripped to the metal, and any rusty panels are changed with new factory ones or quality reproductions.

After the body is sanded down to perfection we add the best primers and factory color paints to get concourse quality results. The engine, gearbox, braking system are overhauled as needed so that they are perfect.

OEM parts for a 1976 FJ40
OEM parts for a 1976 FJ40

After all the FJ40 parts are fixed, replaced or repaired, we reinstall the engine and transmission in the chassis. We then build the body on the chassis and install the new electrical system. New upholstery is installed, including fresh seats, door panels and roof liners or soft-top. Finally, after the interior is built, we correct any body details and paintwork as needed.

Installing Engine
Installing The Engine

Our team test-drives our cars for at least 100 miles to ensure everything runs exactly the same as when the vehicle left the dealership.

Every vehicle from The FJ Company includes its original wheels but, depending on the client’s preference, we can build the car with a more sporty option.

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