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Finally, your G40 has arrived.

Because your vehicle is entirely custom made, there is no specific owner’s manual for it. Therefore, this article is intended to give you some basic tips for the operation of your vehicle. 

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Our Exclusive California Dealer: Canepa

We are excited to announce that Canepa Group, Inc. has been selected as our exclusive dealer in the state of California.

Canepa is an industry leader in the collector car world; including sales, restoration and motorsports. Specializing in collectible, luxury, and performance vehicles, Canepa is an ideal representative for The FJ Company. Canepa Group will handle all aspects of customer support for the G40 from beginning to end for customers; sales, customer support, and service/maintenance.

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2020 Model Updates

With 2020 on the horizon, we would like to announce a few changes to our model lineup along with our yearly pricing update.

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Experience: Aspen

YES! It’s happening! Read the details below, and RSVP today – space is limited!

Our first ‘Experience’ for FJCO clients will take place in beautiful Aspen, Colorado on October 4-6, 2019. With the changing of the seasons, October is the perfect time to come explore the backroads in Aspen onboard your FJCO Land Cruiser. Prepare to see incredible scenery, breathe fresh rocky mountain air, and experience what your vehicle was truly built for.

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BREAKING NEWS: Your chassis is getting galvanized!

As of April 2019, all vehicle deliveries will include a galvanized chassis (or frame). The benefits of galvanizing the chassis are well documented on the Internet, but let us give you a quick run down…

The chassis of a 40 series Land Cruiser is made of steel and is prone to rust. For our projects, we source donor frames in decent condition – but even so, after years of hard work and exposure to the elements, these frames inevitably start to corrode. Rust is cancerous and it must be stopped – molten zinc to the rescue!

Watch the full process in the video, and read on for a full explanation of the process.

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Will it fit? Measurements for the G43.

We’ve had many clients ask for various measurements of the G43, so here you go!

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Coming soon to a family near you: The FJ Company G45 4-Door Troopy.

We’ve long dreamed about creating the ultimate family cruiser – a vehicle that preserves the rugged and utilitarian lines of the original 40 series, but with the comfort of a modern SUV, modern Toyota mechanical equipment, better steering, and a better and more comfortable suspension.

With that in mind, we set out to design a 4-door Troopy – with The FJ Company twist:

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What’s next for The FJ Company

2018 was a momentous year for The FJ Company. We completed a major overhaul of our production processes and maintained a consistent rhythm of deliveries – including several amazing, fully-custom projects, like this HZJ75, this FJ62, and this FJ45LV Signature Edition.

This year was also an opportunity to step back and look at the industry as a whole, and our role in it. Read more

See you this Summer!

This summer, we’ll be packing up our tents heading out West for some 4-wheelin’ and fun. Come join us on our adventures, and see some of our favorite builds that we’re bringing along for the ride! Read more

Autoblog reviews The FJ Company Signature: “The King of Cool”

In January, we sent The FJ Company Signature prototype to the guys at Autoblog to test drive on the chilly streets of Detroit.   Read more

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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