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2020 Model Updates

With 2020 on the horizon, we would like to announce a few changes to our model lineup along with our yearly pricing update.

Heritage – starting at $180,000

The Heritage trim gets a set of long-awaited custom CNC-machined mirrors. We haven’t released the first vehicle with these mirrors, so we can’t spoil the fun just yet. What we can tell you is that we learned from our previous builds, and the Toyota OEM mirrors were just not sturdy enough for the speeds that our vehicles can operate in. Our new custom-designed CNC-machined mirrors preserve the lines of the OEM mirrors, add a touch of refinement, and provide the utility that you’d expect from the G40 models.

In addition to the mirrors, we also moved entirely to CNC-machined interior handles. The “tactile experience” in our vehicles is something we pay a lot of attention to. And with that in mind, the OEM handles we used in the past will be phased out of the G40 as well. You can expect to see beautifully designed handles throughout the interior including an A pillar handle, driver and passenger side-window frame handle, and a rear door handle, all painted in Toyota’s unmistakable silver tone.

Finally, the sound system gets an upgrade as well. In addition to the premium components we use throughout the cabin, we are now installing a Pioneer receiver hidden inside your glove box. It’s intended to be used in connection with the digital media on your smartphone.

Expedition – starting at $200,000

The Expedition trim gets a big upgrade in the form of differential lockers. We offered “diff. locks” as an optional feature, but we quickly learned that anyone interested in this trim would want the lockers as well, so it’s now included by default. It is important to note that these are not aftermarket differential lockers. They are Toyota OEM electric lockers neatly integrated into the other traction systems in your vehicle. They even show up in your cluster when you activate the rear and front.

In addition to lockers, the Expedition trim also gets an ARB air compressor by default. We recommend off-roading at 15 to 20 psi, and 30 psi for on-road driving, so having an air compressor in the vehicle is always handy.

Finally, we clarified that all hardware components in this trim type will be painted in semi-gloss black which differentiates it further from the silver finishes of the Heritage trim. If you’d like to see an example, check out the Expedition G45 that we just completed.

Ah, and for those seeking serious performance, the Magnuson supercharger is now an optional feature for the Expedition builds as well.

Signature – starting at $220,000

The biggest changes to the Signature trim are both the differential lockers and the Magnuson supercharger. While we typically offered both as options, they are now included by default.

We are also also making the 40 body style (short wheelbase) available in this trim type. Prior to 2020, it was limited to the 43. Beyond that, the Signature gets a few refinements such as LED lighting for the center console, better sound proofing, improvements to the cooling system, and auxiliary battery terminals in the engine compartment.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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