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Coming soon to a family near you: The FJ Company G45 4-Door Troopy.

We’ve long dreamed about creating the ultimate family cruiser – a vehicle that preserves the rugged and utilitarian lines of the original 40 series, but with the comfort of a modern SUV, modern Toyota mechanical equipment, better steering, and a better and more comfortable suspension.

With that in mind, we set out to design a 4-door Troopy – with The FJ Company twist:

  • Built entirely in steel
  • Authentic Land Cruiser chassis
  • Toyota modern mechanical components
  • Retro-inspired accessories and finishes

Our Innovation Lab spent a couple of months working on design concepts – we tried different configurations for seating, door sizes, window sizes, features and more. We even put it out to our Instagram followers to see what feedback we received, and to our surprise, it was overwhelming. Still to this day, our post related to the design concepts of this vehicle holds the record for most comments in our account: over 400!

The result of that process is a vehicle with ample access to the rear. A three-person 2nd row and two rear fold-down seats in the back. The 2nd row is foldable as well, which means that the vehicle can be configured to carry plenty of cargo. Also, an important aspect of our design was the roll cage. We incorporated the structure into the contours of the vehicle – simple to execute in CAD, but no small feat for hand-contoured steel panels.

3D CAD rendering from the FJCO Innovation Lab

On that note, keep in mind that none of this is “off the shelf” – you can’t buy rear doors for a 4-door Troopy, you can’t buy a roll cage, you can’t just buy the windows and pillars. This is entirely custom fabrication, by hand, based on whatever design we produced in CAD. All the praise deserved for the end result, is for our talented and hardworking steel craftsmen. Thank you, gentlemen!

Steel craftsmen at work.

We still have some wood to chop and steel panels to bend. But this one is getting close and it’s going to be hot. A hardtop version is next.

The FJ Company G45 4-door Troopy
To be continued…

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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