Experience: Aspen

YES! It’s happening! Read the details below, and RSVP today – space is limited!

Our first ‘Experience’ for FJCO clients will take place in beautiful Aspen, Colorado on October 4-6, 2019. With the changing of the seasons, October is the perfect time to come explore the backroads in Aspen onboard your FJCO Land Cruiser. Prepare to see incredible scenery, breathe fresh rocky mountain air, and experience what your vehicle was truly built for.

A few things you should know:

  • This is not an official, sanctioned, or permitted event. It’s simply a gathering of like-minded individuals to have fun for a few days in Aspen, all in the comfort of your Land Cruiser.
  • Each participant pays for their own costs associated to transportation, lodging, food, etc – but we’ll be there to help coordinate. There are no fees payable to FJCO associated with this Experience.
  • Our route choices are all optional. They provide a combination of mild dirt roads and curvy paved roads. We’re going for scenery, good food, good fun, nothing extreme. At a minimum, you must feel comfortable getting started on an incline.
  • We will provide a few optional loops if you’re interested in a bit of adrenaline. These routes will require 4×4. Some tree brush and underside scratches are possible.
  • We will have logistical and technical support on the route at all times.

Preliminary Route Selection (subject to change):

Thursday Oct 3rd:
Aspen, Independence Pass
Lincoln Creek Rd, Lunch in Grizzly Reservoir (catered),

Optional challenging loop: From Grizzly Reservoir continue down road, turn back at the end.

Friday Oct 4th:
Aspen, Marble, Lunch at Slow Groovin BBQ, Crystal Mill, Aspen.

Optional challenging loop: From Crystal Mill head on to Lost Trail Rd and back to Aspen.

Saturday Oct 5th:
Aspen, Taylor Pass, Lunch at Pine Creek Cookhouse, Aspen

Hungry for more?

Sunday Oct 7th (Bonus track):
To get your heart pumping, join us for a bonus loop up to Pearl Pass. Experienced 4×4 drivers only. Expect some damage to the underside of your vehicle.


Rafa Giraldo (our Showroom Manager) can help coordinate the logistics of getting your vehicle to Aspen and back. Once it’s there, it will be received by our team and stored properly until you’re in town.

Technical Support

Cody Warner (our Senior Service Coordinator) will be there to inspect your vehicle and make sure it’s ready for adventure. However, don’t expect him to be able to make major repairs. If you know of something that needs our attention ahead of time, please give us a call ASAP. His time during the Experience is on us.


Aspen hotels are in high demand. Please make sure to book your hotel as soon as possible. We recommend the following options:


We are big on food.

Breakfast: Nothing planned. We recommend Poppy Cocks or the Little Nell. Our routes have us leaving Aspen at 10AM sharp on Oct 3rd and 4th. We will leave at 9AM sharp on Oct 5th.

Lunch: Each one of our routes is timed so we can enjoy a proper lunch. If you’re planning on skipping a route, please let us know ahead of time. If you have special dietary requirements, you may want to check out the menu of the planned stops for Friday and Saturday: Slow Groovin in Marble and the Pine Creek Cookhouse. If their menu is not to your liking, we recommend taking your own lunch on that day.

Dinner: There will be opportunities for group dinners. We’ll plan for that along the way. Regardless, it will all be optional.


Costs associated to logistics, lodging, and food will be paid by each person. Except for the catered lunch in Grizzly Reservoir on October 3rd, which will be provided.

Space is limited, RSVP today!

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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