How to customize your classic Land Cruiser for family-friendly fun

At The FJ Company we know that bringing your family and friends along for a weekend drive is the ultimate test – one you’re far more likely to pass if your ride is equipped with the right features. So how should you customize your classic Land Cruiser for fun family weekends? Here are a few ideas from our team.

Choose the speed that suits your style

Go for the 5-Speed Manual or Automatic Transmission

One of the first decisions you’ll make as you’re designing your Land Cruiser, is “Do I want a 4-speed or a 5-speed?” While 4-speed manual transmissions were original to many of our vehicles, some clients prefer to upgrade to the 5-speed manual, especially if a good deal of highway driving is on the horizon. With the 5-speed you’ll maintain highway speeds at lower rpms, making the ride more comfortable for everyone.

Put a hardtop on it

Put a Hardtop on It

Your next decision: hardtop or soft top? While the soft top gets lots of points for its awesome, open-air experience, the hardtop tends to be more family-friendly, especially if you’re looking for a quieter driving experience. When you have a hardtop, it’s easier to have a conversation or take a hands-free call, as the soft top has less insulation from road noise. Also, if you’re looking for extra cargo space, a hardtop will hold a roof rack, a soft top will not.

Light it up with LEDs

Light It Up with LEDsLight It Up with LEDs

Frankly, we wouldn’t build a family-friendly Land Cruiser without them. They’re brighter and offer more visibility – which is especially important in areas with no street lights. Not only will it be easier to see and avoid hazards in all types of road conditions, LED headlights are less taxing on your electrical system and battery. At The FJ Company, we also offer LED fog lights and LED utility lights from PIAA. The fog lights are invaluable in inclement weather, and if you ever find yourself backing up in the dark, you’ll appreciate that tiny, but powerful, utility light in the back.

Get a clearer view with a backup camera

Get a Clearer View with a Backup Camera

New to The FJ Company in 2017, we are now offering a backup camera. The monitor on the rearview mirror acts as a second set of eyes, as you’re backing out of the driveway or into a tight space. A standard feature in most modern vehicles, there is no substitute for the safety and convenience these cameras provide.

Go for more temperature control

Go for More Temperature Control

When things start to heat up or cool down, you want to make sure everyone in your gang feels comfortable. That’s why, for family-friendly fun, we recommend a Vintage Air A/C and heater. It keeps you warm, or cool – and it doesn’t suck the fun out of the drive. And guess what? We can also build your Land Cruiser with heated front seats.

Give them some space

Give Them Some Space

As with any vehicle purchase, you want to make sure you have enough space for your kids and your cargo. For many families, an FJ40 fits the bill, but for others, nothing less than an FJ43 will do.

As for seating, most FJ40s and FJ43s were originally equipped with side-facing jump seats in the back. One FJ40 jump seat fits two, while the FJ43 bench fits three. However, if there’s a baby in your group, you may want to forego the jump seats altogether and go with one forward-facing bench. In general, the standard bench is the safer option – baby, or not, but for many, it takes away from that classic Land Cruiser feel.

Kid-proof interior surfaces and upholstery

Kid-Proof Interior Surfaces and Upholstery

For any journey that involves kids and four-legged friends, you’ll want a cabin that’s fortified with tough materials. We suggest vinyl upholstery on the seats and a coat of Raptor® Liner on the floors. These materials are durable and easy to clean – just wipe ‘em down.

Keep your passengers entertained

Keep Your Passengers Entertained

Let your favorite songs flow throughout the cabin, and they’ll eventually become the background music to all of your favorite memories: road trips, silly arguments, and family sing-a-longs. So, having your very own music maker is pretty important. At The FJ Company we offer a vintage-looking radio with iPhone® and Bluetooth® connectivity or a more premium system with built-in JL Audio® marine-grade components – because, in our world, the show must go on – rain or shine.

Make safety standard

Make Safety Standard

Whenever you’re bringing along your friends or family, you’ll want to make sure every journey begins and ends safely. That’s why every one of our classic Land Cruisers comes with a power steering, front disc brakes, a standard roll bar, and Old Man Emu suspension to improve overall safety and drivability. Opt for one of our roll cages to provide even more peace of mind on the highway or the trail.


Ready to build your own family-friendly beast?

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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