We have Toyota Land Cruiser FJs for sale now:

Here, at The FJ Company, we specialize in full, frame-off restorations of Japanese Toyota FJ40, FJ43 and FJ45’s. Our team, with over 40 years of experience, has a single goal for each car built: to perform the best Toyota FJ40 restoration in the world.

We are specialists in all FJ aspects, such as engines, drive trains, electrical, bodywork and FJ parts. Our experts find the best Toyota FJ parts in different places around the world. We gained our top-level craftsmanship thanks to years of repetition, specialization and working with only the best. We nurture a discipline of constant learning. Our body shop experts have worked on hundreds of FJ’s in their lifelong careers, and our engine builders have built thousands of FJ engines.

Very few cars can give you the feeling of driving a Toyota FJ40. An FJ will transport you back to a time when cars were designed to last forever. Driving them, you will know they were built to conquer desserts, mountains, even countries. They are as fun to drive in a city as they are in a swamp.

Well-restored and documented FJ's have continuously appreciated over the past few years. What's more, since the Toyota FJ40 was in production for over 40 years, the cars are sought after by collectors of various generations and nationalities. This trend will continue, as investors, collectors and enthusiasts around the world pay homage to these Japanese classic 4x4's. When you buy a restored FJ from The FJ Company, you acquire an investment that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

We have Toyota FJ's for sale today. Get yours and drive yourself happy.

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