Toyota 20 Series Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser 20 series was produced from 1955 to 1960 and helped Toyota gain a foothold in new markets overseas. It added a number of creature comforts to the previous model series and marked the debut of the ever-capable F-type engine. Its chassis design was so well-received, that it carried through to the 40 series and remained unchanged for 29 years. While the FJ25 is considered the flagship of the 20 series, there were multiple models and body styles available from FJ20 to FJ29. There was also a 4x2 developed for the National Police Agency in Japan and a van body (the FJ35V), which evolved into the modern Land Cruiser 100 series.',
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Available for Restoration

These unrestored Land Cruisers are available to serve as a "donor" for one of our full nut-and-bolt restorations. The price listed is the price after restoration. We do not sell un-restored vehicles. Like what you see? Use our online builder to build one for yourself!
1960 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ28 20880 Green - Available for Restoration -

1960 FJ28

Price upon request
1960 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ25 SkyBlue FJ25-20890 - Available for Restoration -

1960 FJ25
Sky BlueFJ25-20890

Price upon request