Toyota 60 Series Land Cruiser

The 60 series, produced from 1980 to 1989, was positioned as Toyota?s latest wagons, however if the term SUV was around in the 80s, this Land Cruiser would certainly fit the bill. Many models from this series are still on the road today ? a testament to its reliability. The 60 series featured gasoline-powered and diesel-powered variants, as well as manual and automatic transmissions. It was considered a vast improvement over the 50 series in terms of ride quality and overall comfort, offering a number of modern luxuries, like a moonroof, sport buckets, power windows and locks.
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Available for Restoration

For FJ40 or FJ43 builds, please place an order through our website.

For those seeking something a little more exotic, this is our inventory of rare Land Cruisers available for one of our full nut-and-bolt restorations. We DO NOT sell un-restored vehicles.

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 Gold JT3FJ62G1K1112957 - Available for Restoration -

1989 FJ62
Gold FJ62-JT3FJ62G1K1112957

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