Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser

Produced from 1960 to 1984, the FJ43 is like an FJ40 for the person who craves a little extra cargo space. The FJ43's body is a foot longer than the FJ40. Under the hood, you'll find the familiar F or 2F engine — both lauded for their power and reliability. This middle-wheelbase Land Cruiser continues to remain popular with collectors and enthusiasts, as it was never imported into the U.S. It was originally available as a hard or soft top.
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Available for Restoration

For FJ40 or FJ43 builds, please place an order through our website. For those seeking something a little more exotic, this is our inventory of rare Land Cruisers available for one of our full nut-and-bolt restorations. We DO NOT sell un-restored vehicles.
1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 Red 106982 - Available for Restoration -

1982 FJ43
Red FJ43-106982

1970 Toyota Land Cruiser Freeborn Red FJ43 20731 - Available for Restoration -

1970 FJ43
Freeborn red FJ43-20731