Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser

The FJ45 models are based on the extra-long wheelbase, which was introduced in 1965. Measuring 116.1 inches (2950 mm), this wheelbase formed the basis of of the FJ45P long-bed pickup, the FJ45V Troopy and a number of other custom bodyworks. The FJ45 platform enjoyed a long production life, with the last models coming off the line in 1986. 1976 marked the arrival of the FJ45V troop carrier, designed satisfy the need for more passenger space. To build the first troopy, as these models were often called, Toyota gave the FJ45P long-bed pickup full-length bodywork, added bench seats to the bed, and covered it with a hard or soft top. Often employed as people-movers and taxis, troopies can carry as many as 13 people across the most challenging terrain.
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Available for Restoration

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For those seeking something a little more exotic, this is our inventory of rare Land Cruisers available for one of our full nut-and-bolt restorations. We DO NOT sell un-restored vehicles.

1981 FJ45-285008 Medium Blue - Available for Restoration -

1981 FJ45
Medium Blue (Originally Medium Blue) FJ45-285008