A letter from our CEO

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My grandfather Nelson had two cars throughout his life. The first was a 1968 Sky Blue FJ40, which he kept until he bought his second car: a 1982 Medium Blue FJ40. Truthfully, it was my grandmother who did most of the driving, navigating across towns and farms on their weekly road trips.

Since my mom was an only child, my brother Juan, my sister Ana and myself, Nelson (I inherited my grandfather's name), often found ourselves in the backseat of our grandparent's FJ40. In fact, I can safely say that, for the first ten years of my life, I spent six hours every weekend in the back of an FJ40. That adds up to over 30,000 FJ40 hours!

After school, I often went to my grandparent's house, where there was always an errand to run related to the care of their Land Cruiser. We would take it to the shop, perform minor repairs, anything required to maintain the family car in top shape for our weekend trips.

our history 01

When my grandfather passed, I worked together with my cousin and my brother Juan to restore his beloved 1982 FJ40 to its former glory.

My brother Juan liked the end result so much that he bought our shares of the car and shipped it to his hometown in Miami, FL. Meanwhile, we had so much fun with the restoration process that we set out to build more like it, effectively launching The FJ Company.

Although we created the company in 2010, I feel it was truly born during those great weekend trips in the back of my grandfather's FJ40. Now, we are having a great trip aboard The FJ Company. For Juan and myself, there is no better way to honor our grandfather's legacy than by building some of the world's best-restored Toyota FJ Land Cruisers.

Come visit us!  We'll be happy to take you for a spin.

Meet the Team

Nelson Calle

Nelson Calle

Nelson is a life-long automobile racer and enthusiast – for nearly fifteen years, he ran professional karting and open wheel races in South and North America. Although he gave up competitive speed racing, he stays close to the track, participating in endurance and exhibition races.

As a seasoned classic car restorer and collector, he is the leader behind the Classic Motors, LLC, parent of The FJ Company. He is also personally in charge of the final, 100-mile inspection each car receives before it leaves our shop and is delivered to its new owner.

Juan Calle

Juan Diego Calle

Juan is a serial entrepreneur in the Internet industry. He is the mastermind behind our web platform and is responsible for sales and marketing for The FJ Company. Juan is also an enthusiastic client: he drives his kids to school in an FJ40 and will go off-roading in Colorado in a bespoke FJ43 monster that we will be finishing soon!

Cody Warner

Cody Warner
Lead Technician

Cody is responsible for servicing our customers with warranty service, upgrades, and regular maintenance of vehicles. From his Dad’s beat up old Land Cruiser to his very own FJ60 he got in high school in Texas – Land Cruisers are in Cody’s blood. When he’s not wrenching or fabricating on old Land Cruisers he is either kayak fishing, bow hunting, or spending his time outdoors.

Michael Sassenus

Michael Sassenus
Chief Technical Advisor

As Chief Technical Advisor, Michael provides continuous advise on our production procedures and the quality of our builds. As a technician, he’s the last in the line to inspect our vehicles and make sure they are delivered from our Miami hub in top shape. He owns a 1978 FJ40 and considers himself a Land Cruiser fanatic since birth.

Linda Koritkoski

Linda Koritkoski
Director of Marketing

Linda manages all aspects of our marketing execution – including our advertising and events planning. If you see The FJ Company logo on something, you can bet she has reviewed it in detail!


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