A relic from a bygone era.

It’s rare to come across a vehicle like this: A final model year FJ25 hardtop with a limited production run (1956-1960, in most markets). However, it’s even less common to find a donor in this condition, equipped with its original hardtop, engine, and transmission. Serious collectors, you have met your match.

A Unique History

According to the seller, the original owner of this FJ25 was a German immigrant from Southern Chile (Loncoche), an area that became popular after World War II. Look closely, and you can still see the INACAR badging on the exterior - this is the company that helped the owner import the vehicle into Chile (it no longer exists).

In 1994, it was stored for 20 years, until the second owner put it back on the road. In November 2016, The FJ Company purchased the vehicle from the third owner, an off-road enthusiast. He drove it 75 miles from Santiago, Chile, to the port at Viña del Mar, where it was put on a ship and delivered to us.

The Flagship of the 20 Series

The FJ25 played an important role in Toyota’s history. It was the flagship of the 20 series, the vehicle that Toyota used to secure a foothold in new markets. Its simple, driver-focused design would carry over to the Land Cruiser 40 series.

Marked by History

The hood of the FJ25 consists of two stampings joined beneath a chrome strip - typical of early manufacturing techniques. And like the FJ25s that came before, its grille features three horizontal chromes strips, with two integrated headlights.

Classic Powertrain

Lift open the hood, and you’ll find the Toyota F engine, known for its heavy-duty cast-iron construction and incredible reliability. Paired with a 4-speed manual, this is a powertrain made for those looking for that classic feel.

Ready to embark on this restoration with us and own a piece of automotive history? The FJ Company specializes in performing concours-level restorations of this classic vehicle. For more information on this FJ25 Land Cruiser, send us a message below. Serious inquiries only.


  • Matching numbers
  • Toyota F engine
  • 4-speed transmission
  • Corrugated steel hardtop w/vent
  • Rear hatch
  • Four-wheel drive

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 This vehicle is not available for sale as-is.

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