A West Texas Weekender

There are those who choose to live in the city or the country. This FJ43 Sport prefers to split its time between both - as any West Texan would. So in building this truck, we realized that it wasn’t enough for this Land Cruiser to have that classic look, it had to have the versatility and the conviction to thrive in both environments.

Classic Beginnings

Make no mistake: seeing this Land Cruiser for the first time is like taking a trip down memory lane. Its metal armor may have been forged in the early 1980s, but that unmistakable shape has been part of Toyota’s heritage since the 1960s. A design that has been updated here, with a new set of tires, some choice accessories, and plenty of retro details that stay true to its rustic roots.

Exterior Highlights

  • Toyota FJ43 steel body
  • Olive (653) color
  • Custom soft top by The FJ Company
  • 15” Toyota steel wheels
  • 33” All-Terrain BFGoodrich® tires
  • Hi-Lift® jack
  • Warn 8274 winch
  • LED headlights
  • Retro fog lights
  • Jerrycan
  • Standard trailer hitch

The Engine that Can

Mention the word “Land Cruiser,” and three words will inevitably come to mind: durable, reliable, and indestructible — and much of that is owing to the Toyota 1FZ engine under the hood, typically found in these vehicles in later years.  A smooth shifting 5-speed, modern running gear, and revitalized 4-wheel drive take this classic ride into new territory.

Engine & Mechanical Highlights

  • Fuel-injected Toyota 1FZ engine
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Old Man Emu suspension
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Advanced power steering

A Return to Craftsmanship

In many ways, this cabin is a tribute to the past. Yet, there’s something more refined at play here. Sure, you’ve got the vintage-looking controls and exposed bolts - those are a given - but you also have contoured leather seats, custom interior lighting, Bluetooth, and a free-flowing A/C system - the perfect companions for a not-so-everyday drive. 

Interior Highlights

  • Brown leather upholstery
  • Moab front seats by Corbeau®
  • Vintage Air climate control
  • Vintage-looking digital radio
  • Premium sound system
  • iPhone®- and Bluetooth®-ready
  • LED interior lighting
  • Standard center console
  • Digital cluster (mph)
  • RAPTOR® bed liner

Explore New Territory

The G40 Expedition by The FJ Company satisfies your need for adventure with a 1GR-FE engine and other modern upgrades. Build yours today!

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