The FJ Company G40 Series Land Cruiser

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A selection of recently completed builds by The FJ Company.
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1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Mustard Yellow FJ45 299902

G45 Heritage
Medium Blue Heritage G40

G45LV by The FJ Company

G45LV Heritage
Rustic Green Heritage G40

1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43

G43 Signature
Matte Dune Beige Signature

Toyota Land Cruiser 1983 FJ45-292354 Red

G45 Expedition Pick-Up
Olive Expedition G40

Toyota Land Cruiser 1980 FJ43-64971 Red

Todd Snyder Edition
Todd Snyder Green Todd Snyder Edition

Toyota Land Cruiser 1982 FJ43-109975 Red

G43-S Signature
Olive (6H9) Signature G40-S

1980 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43-67813 Green

G43-S Signature
Beige Signature G40-S

Toyota Land Cruiser 1971 FJ43-22212 Red ADF-874

G43 Signature
Matte Olive (637) Signature

Toyota Land Cruiser 1984 FJ43-113295

G43-S Signature
Cement Signature G40-S

1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43-108232

Heritage looks, Modern machine
Cadet Blue (T449) Heritage G40

In Progress

These Land Cruisers are currently under restoration.
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